Published on: 16 January 2012 in Industry

Film directors, producers & writers form Filmmakers’ Alliance and respond to Film Policy Review

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PACT, Directors UK and WGGB (The Filmmakers’ Alliance – noted in the Film Policy Review report as the Creative Alliance) welcome the Film Policy Review report’s emphasis on growth and its recognition of the crucial importance of producers, writers and directors to sustain a plural and commercially viable film economy.

We welcome the review’s clear intention to move film funding towards the creative entrepreneur, incentivising success across a range of British films, and serving a wide variety of audiences and tastes.

Much work is now needed – this is a transformational point and will require all stakeholders to be prepared to think creatively and radically about how to shape the future.  To that end, producers, directors and writers have joined together in the Filmmakers’ Alliance to jointly move forward on the opportunities presented by the Report, and in particular how funds earmarked for reinvestment in future film development and production should be accessed and deployed.

Finally we thank Lord Smith and the entire Review panel and support team for their hard work and urge a fast track route to the adoption of the key proposals.  To that end we look forward to working with the BFI to put these dynamic proposals into practice.

Click below to read the full statement from Directors UK, PACT and WGGB, plus the Film Policy Review report itself.

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