Published on: 22 March 2016 in Directors UK

Don’t suffer, ask for help

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In an ideal world, factual directors would work in excellent conditions, with contracts delivered on time, full control of the budget and health and safety checks all signed up and boxed away. However, we know this isn’t always the case.

But help is at hand! Full Members of Directors UK have access to our free legal services, something worth taking into consideration if you’ve yet to sign up.

Our legal service can provide you with guidance and help make sure you have everything in place to put your mind at ease while you concentrate on producing great work.

Full Members at Directors UK can receive employment advice on matters such as breach of contract, unfair dismissal, working time, holiday pay, fees, insurance, health and safety, overtime, copyright, credits and other legal horrors that can cause unwelcome distractions while you’re out on location with a C300 on your shoulder. If necessary, we can refer members to recommended law firms who can offer advice at reduced fees for more complex matters and, where appropriate, full representation in legal proceedings.

Don’t understand your director’s agreement? As a Full Member, Directors UK provides you with a basic contract vetting service where we can check your contract, making sure it complies with general industry standards, and on occasion help you negotiate contracts for freelance work in TV, film and new media.

Plus we provide online access to a legal templates library covering topics such as director agreements, director/writer agreements, option agreements, copyright clearances and location agreements to name just some of the documents that may help you.

In extreme employment cases we can intervene and help advise on difficult situations so that both parties come to a mutual understanding, hence avoiding unnecessary costs and time. We recently negotiated with two production companies on behalf of our members, successfully managing to remove an onerous and unfair deduction of wages clause from their standard contract, a clause that sought to deduct costs arising from loss and/or damage to production equipment.

If you have an employment or contract issue don’t suffer in silence, contact us so we can help.

If you’re a Full Member of Directors UK and you’d like to know more, then email [email protected].

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our A Pragmatic Guide to Your Contract session below, held on Wednesday 20 April at the Directors UK office.

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