Published on: 28 November 2011 in Directors UK

Directors UK launches New Membership Scheme

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Directors UK officially opened its doors to all screen directors today (28th November), at a well- attended launch party in London. 

The launch, which was held at Vanilla on Great Titchfield Street, brought directors, press and stakeholders together to hear CEO Andrew Chowns announce all the details of the scheme.

The event began with a video entitled What is a Director?, for which numerous members from a range of backgrounds contributed their thoughts on the craft, before Andrew took his turn to speak. Andrew began by recounting how Directors UK was formed from the ashes of DPRS in 2008, and how the organisation was established to tackle the erosion of working conditions and creative leadership that directors had suffered. 

It was also formed to give a voice to all screen directors, which Directors UK is now ready to do. From today, we will represent directors working not just in film and television, but also shorts, digital media, commercials, corporate and video games. And, for the first time, we’ll also be accepting students into the organisation too.

Andrew also spoke of how creators are now being heard at the key industry discussions; we have Tom Hooper and Beeban Kidron on the BFI Board, and Asif Kapadia and Krish Majumdar on BAFTA committees. Directors UK has also contributed to a host of consultations, from Lord Smith’s Film Policy Review to the DCMS Communications Act Review, and more besides.

Members will be getting all the details of the new Membership Scheme via a mailing shortly, and across the website. If you would like to read the press release, please click below.

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