Published on: 11 September 2018 in Industry

Directors UK calls on MEPs to vote in favour of the draft Copyright Directive

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On behalf of freelance British TV and film directors, Directors UK is calling on MEPs to vote in favour of the JURI Committee report on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament’s plenary vote scheduled for 12 September 2018.

Directors UK supports the adoption of the Copyright Directive by the European Parliament as it will help establish fairness for creators in the modern digital economy.

The Copyright Directive establishes a principle of fair and proportionate remuneration, it strengthens obligations for transparency and introduces a contract adjustment mechanism, both of which are much needed and are a matter of fairness for creators. These measures are a step in the right direction towards better remuneration for authors when their works are used online.

The existing copyright laws were made before global online platforms existed and became major influences over our interaction with culture and media. In the digital era these laws need updating to ensure a fair and sustainable future for the creation and innovation in the UK creative sector. Contrary to some misconceptions, the draft Copyright Directive will not damage the internet. It will continue to protect freedom of expression, and it will ensure the interests of creators are supported when their work is used online.

Supporting the creative sector matters both for those who contribute to it, but also to the wider UK economy to which the creative industries now contribute £92bn a year, which is why we are calling on MEPs to vote yes.

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