Published on: 04 January 2018 in Industry

Directors Digest — Thursday 4 January 2018

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2018 is here and that means Directors Digest is back in business. We’ve barely had a chance to catch our breath and already the news is pouring in. This week we’ve got everything from the BFI to Black Mirror, Netflix to ESPN, blockbusters to...cinema seats. Read all about it below!


Stephen Follows takes a look at the trends re-shaping the film industry in 2018. (Stephen Follows)

Are you sitting comfortably? Leading movie theatre chair makers discuss the future of their industry. Learn all about telescopic seating systems today! (Box Office Pro)


Member Toby Haynes takes viewers inside the first episode of the new series of Black Mirror: “USS Callister.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Are you a member with an opinion on one of these stories? Is there an issue affecting directors that you think isn’t getting enough attention in the media? Why not write for us and make yourself heard — email [email protected] with your article idea.

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