Published on: 11 August 2022 in Industry

Directors Digest — Thursday 11 August

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Intimacy co-ordinators and independent reporting bodies make the headlines, as BIFA receive a funding boost and Emily Maitlis is announced as the provider of this year’s MacTaggart lecture. Read all about it below. 

Figures from across the industry have spoken out in support of intimacy co-ordinators, in response to controversial comments made by Sean Bean. Women and Hollywood reports, citing Directors UK’s own guidance.

Directors UK has joined BECTU and other organisations in signing an open letter calling for the creation of an independent racism reporting body. (Broadcast) You can also sign the open letter via this link.

We were saddened to hear of the passing of director Biyi Bandele, aged 54. (Screendaily

The New York Times looks at how five sci-fi movies from the 80s paved our present

BIFA has received a 300K funding boost from the BFI, Screen reports.

Emily Maitlis will be giving this year’s MacTaggart lecture, Televisual reports.

Little White Lies recount a summer spent with the BFI’s Satyajit Ray season

And finally, Film Stories dive deep into the strange emergence of non-director approved DVD extended cuts

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