Published on: 03 March 2020 in Industry

Directors Digest — 4 March 2020

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Big developments in the world of VoDs, new owners at Twickenham Studios, and the anatomy of The Invisible Man. Catch up with all the news and views from the industry in this week’s Directors Digest. 


Disney+ is teaming up with Sky for the UK and Ireland. (Screen)

The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are engaged in high-level strategy talks about the potential for a combined PSB VoD player, Broadcast reports. 

Twickenham Studios have been bought in a £50m deal. (Televisual)

The 2020 RTS programme award nominees have been announced — congratulations to all of this year’s nominees! (IBC)


Roman Polanski won the award for Best Director at this year’s César awards, prompting mass walkouts. (Guardian)

Edgar Wright called on cinemas to reduce the length of pre-show advertising, as a means of taking the fight to Netflix. (Yahoo)

Director Leigh Wannell provides a commentary to an action sequence from his new film, The Invisible Man. (New York Times)

Vulture looks into what Bob Igers resignation means for Disney

Peter Bradshaw profiles the new wave of Polish filmmakers, and the strained relationship of Polish film to its government. (Guardian)

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