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CISAC releases global collections report for 2023

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CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, have today released their global collections report — showing that royalty collections for creators of audiovisual, music, visual arts, drama and literature have reached a record high of €12.1billion in 2022.  

Among key factors highlighted by CISAC’s report is the fact that global collections in 2022 surged back with the biggest annual increase on record, up 26.7% to €12.1billion. The post-COVID recovery continues, with global collections now at their highest level on record; in 2022, they were 19.8% above pre-pandemic levels of 2019.  

For audiovisual authors, global collections revenue is reported to have increased by 11%, reaching an all-time high of €646million in 2022. Within this, broadcast is the largest source of income, comprising over two-thirds of collections, and global income from digital sources has seen strong growth to reach more than two and a half times of its pre-pandemic level. 

Also reported is that more than ever, growth in global collections is overwhelming driven by digital. In 2022, digital income accounted for 35% of all collections and royalties from digital sources have become the biggest source of revenue for creators, overtaking broadcast for the first time in the process. This marked uptick is due to the ongoing global growth in subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services and music streaming, with France, Switzerland and Spain highlighted as particular growth markets within the audiovisual repertoire. 

The growth of digital and the way it has transformed the market is clear to see. It underlines the importance of fair pay for creators as the way in which their work is consumed continues to change. It is reported that creators across all genres are undercompensated by digital services, and that their work is undervalued despite a rise in digital streaming prices for music and video. This is something Directors CEO Andy Harrower recently spoke about during a Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Select Committee oral evidence hearing on creator renumeration, pointing out that the way directors, as creators, currently work with streaming services is greatly imbalanced.  

Away from digital, the report found that global collections in all repertoires have grown, reflecting recovery by the sector as a whole from the impact of the three-year Covid pandemic. Speaking on what the Report highlights, Chair of the CISAC Board Marcelo Castello Branco said: “ is the time to create an ambitious road map for the future. … As we gradually move away from the pandemic, our determination to ensure that creators’ rights are respected, their works are fairly compensated, and their creative endeavours receive proper credit will remain unwavering.”


Read the report in full. 

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