Published on: 18 October 2017 in Career Development

Challenge ALEXA 2018

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We are delighted to announce that the Challenge ALEXA competition is returning for its sixth year!

We have once again partnered with ARRI to offer Directors UK members the chance to win a free 2-day ALEXA shooting package (during March), to include either an ALEXA SXT or ALEXA Mini camera with Master Anamorphic lenses.

The theme for this year’s challenge is: Delight

What were looking for

  • A story that incorporates the theme of delight
  • A project that would benefit from a truly cinematic, anamorphic look
  • A project that can be shot in two days and can be delivered by the end of April 2018 for a special screening

If you have an idea for a short, teaser or commercial music video that fits this description then please submit an application.

To apply, you will need to email a brief outline (2 sides max.) detailing your vision and why it is appropriate for the competition, including genre, synopsis, duration as well as any attached cast or crew to [email protected] with the subject line Challenge ALEXA 2018 by 26th November.

The board of Directors UK will then select projects from these submissions to go into production.

Notes for entrants

  • You must be a full or associate member of Directors UK to be eligible for selection
  • Shooting for all projects will take place between 5th March - 5th April 2018. Please ensure you are available for over these dates when applying.
  • We will not consider more than the first two sides of any applications that exceed the required length. 
  • Successful projects will be required to submit a draft shooting script to us upon selection. 
  • Successful projects will be required to undertake a formal health and safety assessment of your shoot
  • Successful projects will be required to contribute to Directors UK publicity in relation to the challenge
  • The package includes: 
    • Two days usage of an ALEXA XT and anamorphic master primes
    • Lighting and kit from ARRI rental
    • Contents insurance and public liability cover for the shoot
    • Two separate bursaries towards van hire and rental of other kit needed
    • Tiffen filters

ALEXA Challenge timeline

Launch: Thursday 19 October 2017
Closing date: Sunday 26 November 2017
Shooting: 5 March – 5 April 2018
Screening: May 2018 

Terms and conditions

Your film locations, cast, music and sound effects should all have cleared the rights for your film, in perpetuity, worldwide.

By entering the competition, entrants together with any other member of the public involved (all such persons being referred to as ‘ALEXA Challenge Participant’) hereby agree to be bound by these rules as amended from time to time. 

It is the responsibility of ALEXA Challenge Participants to keep themselves informed as to any updates of these rules, and they acknowledge that any failure to comply with these rules could lead to their disqualification without reasons being given.  

ARRI and Directors UK, with respect to ALEXA Challenge Participant’s involvement in the creation of a short film or video (the “Film”) pursuant to the terms below.

  1. The Judges shall be form the Directors UK Board.
  2. The decision of the Judges over every instance shall be final and unchallengeable. No correspondence will be entered into, or comment issued on any matters concerning the challenge, and no reasons given for any decision made by the Judges.
  3. The challenge is open to Full and Associate members of Directors UK.
  4. Proof of submission or of posting of a form will not constitute proof of delivery and no responsibility will be accepted for lost, corrupted, delayed or mislaid entries.
  5. There will be no cash or other alternative to the prize offered and prizes are not transferable.
  6. It is understood that Directors UK and ARRI reserve the right to screen or exhibit only those films/videos, which adhere to the “Rules of the Challenge.” ALEXA Challenge Participants hereby understands that he/she is responsible for all crew, cast, equipment, sets, locations, and other items necessary for participating in the competition, and all costs, expenses, damages and claims related thereto.
  7. Directors UK and ARRI are providing the event and the guidelines in which the ALEXA Challenge Participant is taking part; a screening opportunity for some of the completed work. The ALEXA Challenge Participant hereby affirms that he/she will secure all rights to images, sounds and music used in his/her project; and/or will secure talent and location releases.
  8. The ALEXA Challenge Participant hereby affirms that he/she will secure agreement from all cast and crew and hereby indemnifies, saves and holds harmless ARRI and Directors UK from any and all claims, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities arising from the creation, use or participation hereunder (including, but not limited to claims for negligence and other torts, unauthorised exhibition, discrimination, fraud, infringement and breach of contract) of ALEXA Challenge Participant’s film/video.
  9. The ALEXA Challenge Participant acknowledges that participation in the competition is without remuneration or compensation whatsoever.
  10. The ALEXA Challenge participant agree that the competition is for recreational purposes only and that there is no obligation on the part of ARRI and Directors UK to screen your film if it is not suitable for screening. These and all the rules are at the sole discretion of Directors UK and ARRI.
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