Published on: 15 January 2020 in Directors UK

Join our new Nations & Regions Committee

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We’re recruiting members to join our brand-new Directors UK Nations & Regions Committee.  

Committee members are central to identifying the industry change our members need. They advise our Board, meet with stakeholders and partners, appear as spokespeople at internal and external events, and support the running of open meetings for the wider membership.

The new Nations & Regions Committee will focus on issues specific to members living and working in the nations and regions. If you’re a Full, Associate, or Distribution member of Directors UK living outside of London and the South East, and are interested in building upon the peer community that Directors UK offers, then please do apply to be involved.  

This is your opportunity to shape Directors UK policy in this hugely important area.  

How to apply

If you have an interest in representing issues specific to the area of the UK that you live in outside of London and the South East then we’d love to hear from you. We anticipate that committee members will need to be able to volunteer around 20 hours of their time per year.  

If you’d like to be considered then please send the following to [email protected]:

  • Your full name and contact details  
  • A 200-word statement about the issues that are important to you and how you’d like to help  

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 5 February 2020. 

Your application will be reviewed by our Nations & Regions Chair Morgan Hopkins, staff liaison for the committee Head of Member Services Laura Adams, and a group of up to twelve contributors who represent a broad set of interests, across all types of membership, living across all areas of the UK outside of London and the South East.  

Until recently, members living in the nations and regions have been served by a single board representative in each area that there is a large grouping of subscribing members — in Scotland, the North West of England, the South West of England, and Wales. For over a year, members in Scotland have been meeting and feeding in issues and proposals as the Scottish Working Group, rather than asking one single member to represent the nation. The aim of the Nations & Regions committee is to build upon the ‘local’ working group to allow more voices to engage with and represent the issues specific to being a director in their geographical area, to feed into the committee for strategic discussion and representation at the board.  

We aim to always meet outside of London and the South East of England. Travel expenses to attend the committee meetings will be covered, as well as any access requirements including caregiving.  

Members living in Scotland will be aware that great work is already underway, with the Scottish Working Group meeting regularly, and representatives for Scotland have already been recruited for the Nations and Regions Committee via this working group.   

New committee structure  

The launch of the new Nations & Regions Committee is just one part of a wider restructuring of our committees here at Directors UK.  

We want to be able to respond to the interests and concerns of our members in the most effective way possible, and so over the coming months we are planning to introduce a total of five new committees including the continuing Distributions Committee:  

  • Access and Inclusion
  • Distribution
  • Nations and Regions  
  • Nominations (for leadership succession planning)  
  • Pay and Working Conditions  

Rather than having a narrow focus on one specific genre, these new committees are themed around various issues that affect all our members, regardless of the genre they’re working in. This ensures that issues can be considered across multiple genres at the same time, and action taken in such a way that benefits the largest number of members.  

Some of these committees will be made up of invited members, while others will be subject to an application process like this one – so look out for further announcements in the new year.  

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