Published on: 31 May 2023 in Directors UK

Our 2023 Foreign Distribution — by the numbers

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In May, we paid out our latest foreign distribution to members, following a record-breaking year for distributions in 2022.

But what does that all mean in terms of stats and figures? Below, we crunch some of the numbers for a different angle on our latest foreign distribution.


That’s the total paid out in our latest foreign distribution.


That’s the total number of channels, across the world, covered by this latest distribution. Our members’ work is being watched all over the place.


We paid out payments from 19 societies, covering 17 territories – and the biggest payments were from The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. A hearty thank you to our continental colleagues!


That, believe it or not, is how long it would take you (in minutes) to watch the entire foreign distribution back to back (no comfort breaks). That’s 15.8 years. In that time, you could listen to Sam Ryder’s “Space Man” 2,375,755 times, watch Titanic 42,641 times, or paint (almost) four Sistine Chapel ceilings.  


If you were to make your way through the entire distribution back to back, you’d end up taking in a whopping 29,258 different titles, completing the mother of all binge-watches.


2,662 members received a payment in this latest distribution. That’s enough to fill 25 double-decker London buses, or pack out Westminster Abbey… with another 400 people queuing out the door. 


That right there is the number of individual payments processed, and each one creates a row of data. That is one hell of a spreadsheet (believe us, we’ve seen it). That’s more lines of data than Peterborough has citizens.


This distribution was worked on by 11 dedicated distribution staff, plus 2 more staff in our membership department, registering and tracking down non-members so we can unite directors with their payments — here’s how you can help with that

If you’re a member, you can help our small distribution team by keeping your details with us up to date, and by registering your credits with us so we have the most up-to-date information possible – you can do this all by logging in to your online profile.

It’s also really important that directors have a plan for passing on the right to receive these payments to their beneficiary in their estate. Your beneficiary also needs to know how to register with us (as this needs to be done separately) – you can find out more here.

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