Published on 20 January 2021 in Career

Your Professional Story: a workshop with Ann Booth-Clibborn

We are pleased to launch a new series of inclusive Career Development webinars designed for all Full and Associate members over the next three months, beginning with Your Professional Story: a workshop with Ann Booth-Clibborn.

This session will help you to:

  • Learn to craft your story for your audience
  • Identify your key story elements
  • Find the thread in your professional story
  • Gain confidence to talk about your own value
  • Learn tools to plan your strategy

This session will take place on Wednesday 24 February, 11am - 12.15pm. The deadline to book is Monday 22 February. Book now via the link below.

Ann Booth-Clibborn says: “A television career is a pretty unstructured experience for most of us, and it is largely down to us to sell ourselves, if we want to advance.

However, what makes you good at telling other people’s stories can get in the way of you promoting yourself. So, this session is designed to help you identify your value and your unique offering, and then articulate that to your key audience.

Each one of us brings a unique package of skills, experience and qualities to our role, and this is what an employer or collaborator wants to hear about. However, we are so close to our own story we often fail to see it.

This workshop is designed to give you time and tools to reflect on your professional story, and develop how you articulate that professionally.”


For attendees, Ann has set the following task ahead of the session:

*In the session I will be sharing some tools and exercises with you, to help you start to see the threads of your professional story and also be more aware of what your audience needs to know about you.

You will be working on your own story during the session, and there will be the opportunity to ‘put your hand up’ to ask questions. To prepare for this it would be really useful if you could ask a recent colleague and one who you have worked with in the last couple of years, what it FEELS like to work with you. By all means let them tell you what you are good at but you do need to know how it feels to them to work with you.

Really looking forward to working with you,


About Ann Booth-Clibborn

Ann Booth-Clibborn is an edit doctor for Factual shows, working for — amongst others — Discovery UK. As a producer Ann developed and launched a number of successful returning formats including the ground-breaking Changing Rooms for BBC One, and Selling Houses and You Are What You Eat for C4. Ann also runs a story coaching business, helping businesses and individuals build storytelling skills, to communicate effectively. Her approach is to unlock your instinctive storytelling skills so that you can use them more consciously.

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