Published on 30 June 2021 in Career

Fearless Pitching and Practice with David Keating

Following on from David Keating’s first pitching session, An Introduction to Fearless Pitching, we are pleased to announce this new one-day workshop, Fearless Pitching and Practice.

“In an ideal world, directors are ready to talk about their work any time they need to. Situations range from relaxed and informal to high-pressure meetings or public events. Wherever it is, if we can be engaging and clear when we talk about our projects, it’s usually to our advantage. With a little thought and prep, we can all do this. It doesn’t matter if our project is complex, nuanced or subtle, or whether or not we are nervous – there are ways we can make pitching easier, more effective and even enjoyable.” David Keating

This session will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 28 July, 10:00-17:00 (including a 1 hour lunch break, and short intervals throughout).

Members must be available for the full duration of the workshop, and be in a suitable environment which allows them to be engaged with the content.


In this six-person workshop, we’ll explore a range of activities by re-visiting the basics of Fearless Pitching, followed by the development and practice of participants’ own project pitches – with plenty of useful feedback. 

The online workshop takes place in a supportive, low-pressure atmosphere and aims to help find ways to talk about your project and to develop approaches that work for you that are adaptable to pretty much any situation.

Fearless Pitching and Practice is for directors with a project in development who are interested in exploring ways to pitch it. Although the workshop focusses primarily on drama / fiction projects, directors of factual / non-fiction projects can also benefit from the principles and especially the practice.

Participants, please note: there are two small prep tasks which will be provided in advance. Although these are optional, they will make the workshop more useful and valuable.

How to apply

Deadline for applications – 10am, Monday 19 July. Please note that places are limited.

Please email the below to [email protected]:

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A Personal Statement of no more than 250 words. We would like to know why you are interested in taking part in this workshop and how you think it will enhance your career. We are looking for concise and focused personal statements, not biographies.

For more information on how to apply for schemes and write a personal statement, visit our Application Tips Page.


Applications are encouraged from female directors, directors of colour, disabled directors, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those based in the Nations and Regions, as the industry recognises that all are currently under-represented within the film and television industry

About David Keating

An award winning and critically acclaimed feature film director and screenwriter, David is also a trainer, lecturer and producer. He has a Masters in Film & TV Studies (University of London) and runs workshops and training events for Directors UK; BAFTA; the BFI; Screen Ireland and on development programmes internationally. He currently lectures in film directing at the National Film School, Ireland.


If you have any questions or accessibility requirements, please contact [email protected].

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