Published on 18 January 2022 in Career

An Introduction to Fearless Pitching with David Keating

Pitching can be intimidating and frustrating, but it's an essential part of moving projects forward. 

“In order to bring collaborators (producers, actors, financing etc.) on board, we need to find ways to talk about our work so that people pay attention and want to get involved.

Fear, bad habits, and the wrong kind of prep can make even the most exciting projects sound dull. Most of us would like to be able to talk about our work in a way that generates excitement. After all, when we pitch – we’re usually looking for a result.”

This online session with David Keating will introduce an easily adaptable approach, that allows you to play to your strengths and present projects in the best possible light, so that your pitch becomes memorable. Over 90 minutes, attendees will be looking at an approach to pitching their projects, and also themselves, that make sure they play to their strengths.

This session will be taking place from 11:00-12:30 on Thursday 24 February, via Zoom.


We would like to give members an opportunity to ask questions in advance. Please send your questions to [email protected] by Wednesday 16 February.

About David Keating

An award-winning and critically-acclaimed feature film director and screenwriter, David Keating is also a trainer, lecturer and producer. He has a Masters in Film & TV Studies (University of London) and runs workshops and training events for Directors UK; BAFTA; the BFI; Screen Ireland and on development programmes internationally. He currently lectures in film directing at the National Film School, Ireland.


If you have any questions or accessibility requirements, please contact [email protected].

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