Trace list

Directors UK is trying to trace the directors listed below (or representatives of their estates) as they are not registered with Directors UK but we have either collected or allocated money due to them under our various distribution schemes.

Despite Directors UK’s large and ever-growing membership, which encompasses the majority of working UK directors, we do still allocate some payments to directors who are not yet members. We do our own searches to try and locate these directors, but some prove difficult to contact or have not responded to our communications. We publish this list so that existing members can assist us in making contact with their fellow directors, and so that the directors themselves know to get in touch with us.

For many of the names below, including those who are more well-known, we may have already contacted them but had difficulty getting a response or been unable to complete their registration for some reason. In the case of estates, we may be waiting for a beneficiary to provide the necessary legal documents required to register them as a member. Despite having some knowledge of these directors, as an organisation we are still obliged to keep their names on this list.

You can find out more about our trace list and the work we do to track down the directors on it, in this article.

This list is not exhaustive and we may be holding money for other directors with small amounts of allocated money. If you can’t see your name here but believe you should be on our trace list, please contact us at [email protected], or on 0207 240 0009.


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